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Tropical Leaves

Garden Maintenance

We've always got your back when it comes to garden maintenance. We have an eye for details and ensure that even the smallest areas of your garden are properly attended to. Many of our maintenance clients have remained with us for over a decade. This is- testimony to our client's continued satisfaction and the solid foundation of trust we have built with our clients based on our professionalism and genuine care.

Horticulture & Plant Selection

The practice and science of cultivating gardens is the cornerstone of our business. Our expert knowledge of plants enables us to create gardens that improve our client's lifestyle and overall well-being. This includes the aesthetic value of their garden and of their home. Plants are selected based on the client's design brief, their suitability to the climate, landscape, and placement in the garden. 

Soft & Hard Landscaping

Our team create beautiful outdoor spaces by balancing soft and built elements. Too much of either component can compromise the design and lower your property's value. An overabundance of hardscape does not create a relaxing, paradise-like atmosphere. On the other hand, too much softscape can require excessive pruning and weeding. We carefully select the right balance of hard and softscape to create an external space you will love for many years.

Irrigation Specialist

Irrigation is our baby. We are the go-to people for all your irrigation needs, whether for private homes or commercial properties.

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